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Only a few weeks have passed since the release of FIFA 16 for Xbox 360 , PS3 and other not-so-new platforms. But the recent arrival of a new generation of consoles meant that EA Sports had to introduce an overhauled version of its incredibly popular football franchise, among others like Madden 25. Powered by an all-new engine known as Ignite, FIFA 16 is essentially the same game we saw a month ago but designed take full advantage of the raw power inside the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

A global support team, forums and local events will provide education and assistance to foster creativity and help developers with getting their games published on Xbox One quickly and easily. More info from the ID@Xbox leader, Chris Charla, and commentary from independent developers, available here. Esegui il Login e poi verrai re-inviato nuovamente a questa pagina per inserire il prodotto nella Wishlist.

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